The Jewish Burqa Women

I've lived in - and around - Jerusalem for over 30 years; it's a great city for photographers; a plethora of ethnic groups and cultures.
The Old City - Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian quarters, modern city life, Ultra-orthodox Jewish neighbourhood of Mea Shearim...lots of options.
However, I really felt that I was getting "bored" walking around all these different areas.
I decided to focus on one, very small, group of people.
Mea Shearim is a very old neighbourhood, close to the bustling city centre - but, culturally, very very separate.
The ultra-orthodox Jewish Hasidic sects are all different - each maintaining their own customs, style of dress and lifestyles.
I can respect them all - they are certainly welcome to their beliefs, as I, to mine.
However, even amongst these Hasidic groups, there is a small sect that is on the very (cultural) fringes of the area.
They have an extreme view of Jewish Law and especially the laws of "modesty" for women's dress code. So, in fact, the women are completely covered in black burqas.
In general, Mea Shearim is a difficult area to photograph - there is no way to "blend in" and (generally) the ultra-orthodox don't like being photographed - reactions can range from simply turning away, to demanding to trash all the photographs. It's a combination of being respectful and being discrete.
The Burqa women are a far bigger challenge - they certainly don't 'hang around' outside their houses, they are a small number and certainly not happy to be photographed.
This is one photo from hours of being in the area.
I hope that this is going to be a work in progress.

Haredi burqa sect - Wikipedia